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Good evening,

I would have loved to tell you stories...

I mean , A story ...about "La Veillée des Abysses "...

unfortunatly, it keeps eluding me....

ah yes ! I remember... the end... that feels like a beginning... unless

it is the opening scene... that looks very much like an end ... hum... there's the title ... " tales of the deep"? "night watch of the deep" ? literally untranslatable ... could also be,

" laveil leedesab bysse s" ... if you prefer.. but let us not get tangled up with words, the show will do that quite naturally !

aaah...memories are coming to the surface ... an optimistic shipwreck ... aboard which a strange gathering of individuals obey laws

they do not understand, ascending the tormented abyss...up to the whirling winds of freedom....yes ...

but the journey cannot be rushed, and every step of the way will question our characters willingness to keep the fire burning... to stick together...however relentless their loneliness ..

their world will vanish.. but not without a joyous fight !!

do not worry, ladies and gentlemen,for it is still entertainment we are talking about !!

we WILL tumble , bend , dance , sing... and fly..for you.

I promise.THIS is the fire I was talking about earlier... I also promise ... not to try to explain my show again, if you promise .. not to ask me !!

good night

James Thierree