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The toad knew

production 2016 Theatre de Carouge-Atelier de Genève

Further to our adventures, we go back to a lighter spirit, the current situation being a little distressing. I choose : beaming energy, scenic playground and anatomic deconstructions. A surrealist tale . Brother and sister, the blood ties, raw love, silly and flamboyant, the type of connection that can only lighten the ones who came from the same womb. The ones who did not choose to be together.

A journey to the forgotten games, effrontery, questions without answers and barbaric dissections; the shameful desires and terrible frights. A show about the grotesque rules of life interactions.

 "do not disturb" says the sign, for under the floorboard runs a mad game. A rough game. Will they one day re-emerge, these worn children, stuck in the scheme ?